Catboy then sees Romeo drive his Cat Car, but he decides to stop Romeo on his own. Characters: Gekko, Catboy, Owlette, PJ Robot, Romeo, Robot, Kevin, Night Ninja, Luna Girl, the luna-moths, Rip, Howler, and Armadylan. I can't quite remember, but one time, I think [I] saw a building that looked exactly like this chair!! Romeo says he needs to know how to bring up the PJ Picture Player in "peace and quiet", so he teleported the PJ Masks outside of HQ. They tried to get Catboy to get them out, but he is overprotective and claims that they don't stand a chance without their superpowers. Night Ninja teams up with the PJ Masks when the Wolfies try to take over Mystery Mountain. It was originally broadcast on Fox from 1999-2000 before being cancelled by the network due to its high budget. Characters: Gekko, Owlette, Catboy, PJ Robot, Romeo, Howler, Rip, Kevin, and Robot. Kevin doesn't think he'll ever be top dog; he's not wolfy enough to find the legendary bone. In the end, an unexpected Armadylan saves the PJ Masks. Catboy has to succeed in aquaphobia. The subsequent day, the kids are shocked to see sticky splats all over the school and the school's jack is ripped. Gekko has a teleporting crystal power that can go anywhere and it turns out its powers are too strong. BJ is a 7-year-old yellow male Protoceratops who has been on the show since Season 2 (1993). When Night Ninja steals the pirate equipment from Pirate Day at school, Catboy jeopardizes the PJ Masks' rescue mission. At day time, the teacher is giving all the kids some clues on a game called Track the Treasure until they noticed a giant cut on the playground. But none of them are needed by The PJ Masks. When Catboy and Gekko borrows that plane from the museum, Owlette struggles to share a plan with Catboy and Gekko because she thought Night Ninja would beat them again, but her friends finally encourage her with support and they get the planes from Night Ninja. Genero :Children's music. That night they jump in the Cat-Car and find out that Luna is going to the moon and decide to go after her. Greg then notices tiny Ninjalino footprints on one of Connor's homework sheets. They get Gekko and the little robot, who Gekko has dubbed PJ robot and the remote that they took from Romeo. Amaya was very mad at him. Then, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were going to the Hot Air Balloon ride, when they notice that the rope was cut. Gekko broke off a piece of Romeo's bulldozer and makes a great pogo-stick out of it, calling it a Pogo-Dozer. Characters: Gekko, Owlette, Catboy, Romeo, Robot, the luna-moths, and Luna Girl. The Pajama Sam series is a collection of point and click children's adventure and puzzle games originally created by Humongous Entertainment. He and the other PJ Masks meet up with Ryan and the gang when they think that they have been captured by Night Ninja. Believe it! He is shrunk back to his original size, and he finally comes up with a plan, involving a giant bird, to stop Luna Girl. while carrying Romeo. Characters: Newton Star, PJ Robot, Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, Luna Girl, and Motsuki. By day, Greg told Connor and Amaya that they always look after him because he's the youngest, but he says that he can do things by himself. is a book based on the PJ Masks television series which was published by Simon Spotlight on May 7, 2019. But Night Ninja isn't the only villain they have to deal with, Romeo was the one who instructed Night Ninja to steal the floats and plans to convert them into evil cars. By day, Connor and Greg were making up a new Three-Way superhero move, but Amaya keeps messing it up during practice because she doesn't understand what her new move is. He says that he felt stronger than ever, and that true strength comes from caring for his friends. Luna Girl states that she will take over PJ Masks HQ with Gekko out to warn Catboy and Owlette. PJ Masks: Adventures in the Night! By night, the PJ Masks find out that Luna Girl was the one who had stole Cameron's car and presumably framed him last night for losing it, so Gekko kept on blaming Luna Girl for the stuff that she did, when he (Gekko) did it himself. The Wolfies get into the HQ and transform it into their den! By day, Greg and Amaya notice that Connor is going to lead a big parade. Every time Catboy and Gekko try to fly, Owlette gets mad at them for using "her powers". Reruns previously aired on Trio, a cable television network. At day time, the kids were talking about their hero stuff until they noticed the crane's wrecking ball mysteriously disappeared. SpongeBob SquarePants: SB-129/Karate Choppers Credits (1999) SpongeBob SquarePants: Nature Pants/Opposite Day Credits (1999) CatDog: Surfin' CatDog/Guess Who's Going to … But then Gekko has a plan: he calls for Luna Girl to stop Romeo from shooting the moon. Characters: Gekko, Owlette (Chicklette), Catboy (Kitten Boy), Robot (Baby Robot), and Romeo. Characters: Luna Girl, Motsuki, the luna-moths, Gekko, Owlette, Catboy, Romeo, and PJ Robot, Characters: The ninjalinos, Night Ninja, Armadylan, Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, and PJ Robot. Characters: Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, PJ Robot, Romeo, and Robot, Vehicles: Cat-Car, Owl-Glider, and Gekko-Mobile. Owlette feels left out whenever Catboy and Gekko play as Master Fang and Kick McGee, as she still wants to play as Flossy Flash. The series is based on the Les Pyjamasques book series by Romuald Racioppo. Characters: Gekko, Catboy, Owlette, the luna-moths, and Luna Girl. By day, Greg was having trouble building his Solar System model for his class. He starts to come up with a plan with his own friends, involving the three other clones of him. On the 2nd night, Luna Girl is losing her lunar power due to the eclipse and Romeo plans to steal Luna Girl's board and her Luna-Magnet to have moon strength for his lab. But Catboy wasn't the only one who feels humiliated for hiding his cuddly from his teammates, even Owlette and Gekko are also ashamed because their cuddly dolls are taken so they must stop Romeo at all costs notwithstanding existing kids. He first appeared in the 1942 short Bellboy Donald as Pete Junior. The PJ Masks were surprised when they saw Cameron sleepwalking! Characters: Owlette, Robot, Catboy, Gekko, and Romeo. He and his friends go back to get it, only to discover all the magnetic rocks are gone. By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were playing frisbee, but Connor's frisbee went into his garden. But then, Connor notices that the playground equipment was stolen. Characters: Luna Girl, Catboy, the luna-moths, Owlette, Gekko, PJ Robot, Romeo, Robot, Night Ninja, the ninjalinos, An Yu, Howler, Kevin, Rip, Armadylan, and Octobella (briefly). “The Great Pirate Adventure”! He proposes a race between himself and Catboy, with Luna Girl as the referee. Now, the real Catboy knows that using his own ideas was getting into more trouble. Characters: Motsuki, Romeo (Romeo-Roo), Robot, Luna Girl (Baby Luna Girl), Catboy (Kitten Boy), Gekko (Baby Gekko), Owlette (Chicklette), PJ Robot, and the luna-moths. Cameron noticed that his whistle went missing after Amaya scored. When Greg, Connor and Amaya were in the library reading books, Greg found a book about the strongest athletes in the world that won many medals and trophies. Catboy and Gekko tries to get Owlette to give the Giving Owl to Luna Girl, but Owlette wanted to keep it because it is special to her and works too hard to get it back. THIS time, Catboy multiplies himself, to create a plan to stop Romeo. Connor says he's finally tall enough to go on the big kids' stuff when Greg notices that the playground has been shrunk. During the day Connor, Greg and Amaya were watching PJ Robot in HQ and talking about how great addition to their team he is, and then they spot a sticky splatted streetlight. What she really wants is the trophy for herself. Amaya is confident that she'd stop the villain with her amazing flying skills. Various After his experience with Night Ninja, Newton has sworn off fighting villains. 2-5 years Characters: The luna-moths, Luna Girl, Owlette, Catboy, Gekko, Motsuki, PJ Robot, Robot, Robette, and Romeo, Vehicles: Cat-Car, Gekko-Mobile, Owl-Glider, HQ Rocketship, PJ Rovers, PJ Wings, and PJ Air Jet. Catboy- Catboy is the brave leader of the PJ Masks, who wears a blue super suit with dark blue jagged stripes that glow neon blue when his powers are activated, a thin feline tail, and cat ears.In this story, Catboy will be the most impatient of the PJ Masks and will be willing to do anything for his friends. But Gekko asks if her first sleepover was on the moon. Characters: Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, Robot, and Romeo. And then they realize that PJ robot gave up most of his energy to let them in. Lamentably, Gekko becomes scared to go after Romeo and Robot inside the dark cave which makes the mission harder. PJ Masks is an animated children's television series produced by Entertainment One, Frog Box, and TeamTO. Meanwhile, at Odyssey 105, Cryin' Bryan Dern convinces his assistant, P. J., to sue people for frivolous actions. Characters: Robette, Armadylan, Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, PJ Robot, Romeo, and Robot. PJ Masks Super Moon Mission Movie Theater Storybook & Projector Book, PJ Seeker to the Rescue! Owlette makes the mission harder by showing off about how good she is at soccer, and by getting sucked up in the Moon-Ball, then Catboy and Gekko had a plan to pop the Moon-Ball with the flagpole at the external museum and freeing Owlette and all of the objects Luna Girl stole. Please read about Neutral Point of View and the Manual of … Robot made a costume for Romeo, who steals Catboy’s powers as well. PJ Robot and Romeo must compete when the Flying Factory is damaged. Characters: Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, the ninjalinos, Night Ninja, and PJ Robot. Characters: Catboy, Owlette, Romeo, Gekko, Robot, Newton Star, and PJ Robot. Meanwhile, Amaya tries to score a goal; Connor and Greg become annoyed at her not giving the ball to them and for showing off about how good she is at soccer. Pete Jr., PJ for short (Voiced by Rob Paulsen) is the son of Pete and a friend to Max Goof. Robette kept saying "take over the World!" Characters: Gekko, Owlette, Romeo, Catboy, Luna Girl, the luna-moths, Motsuki, PJ Robot, and Robot. He finds a new scooter inside the box that was "sent" by his Great Aunt, Cynthia. Then their bracelet-rings are telling them that someone is invading HQ. Characters: Gekko, Owlette, Catboy, PJ Robot, Romeo, Armadylan, and Robot. The PJ masks try to stop them but they're having a hard time because Gekko keeps on being dependent on his favorite float, The Laughing Lizard. This action-packed boxed set is perfect for little heroes to take along on their adventures! The PJ Masks must protect the children Luna Girl, Night Ninja, and the Wolfy Kids who have teamed up to steal Halloween goody bags from the trick-or-treaters. PJ Masks: Adventures in the Night! The Adventure Time Wiki is an unofficial collaborative database about the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time and its fictional universe. When she goes to get gardening equipment, she sees that it's gone, and then Connor notices moths. What They Saw Through the Window5. Grady McKay hires a bodyguard to protect himself from Rodney Rathbone at all times. Prefer to talk to other fans instead? Peter Pan is a 2003 American fantasy adventure film directed by P.J. At some point in the past, she was trapped inside an ancient gong in her dragon form, forced to obey whoever possessed the gong's mallet. Characters: Owlette, Catboy, Gekko, Romeo, and Robot. At night, Romeo was the one who was rewinding the world after a glitch on his instrument. Characters: Gekko, Catboy, Owlette, PJ Robot, Kevin, Rip, and Howler. Catboy enlists Munki-gu to go aboard the Flying Factory to distract Romeo. An Yuis a character who has made her debut appearance in the third season of PJ Masks. After a mishap with Lance fiddling with a mind-switcher device Demanitus had inside the tomb, they obtain the blueprints and realize that they have to build the machine close to Zhan Tiri and the Coronans proceed to storm the castle. Characters: Romeo, Robot, Owlette, PJ Robot, Catboy, and Gekko. Newton likes the PJ Masks, but also likes his solitude. Vehicles: Gekko-Mobile (mentioned) and Owl-Glider, Gekko's Hero revelation: When I have a good idea, I need to stick up for it. Characters: Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, PJ Robot, Luna Girl, Robot, and Romeo. At night, Romeo and Robot were the ones who stole all the mineral objects thanks to Robot's complicated robotic branches and named it Robotopus. When all the other kids' stuff for show and tell is stolen, the PJ Masks discover that Luna Girl stole the stuff for her new Luna Lair. Then, Connor trips over a giant present. When Finn and Princess Bubblegum supposedly get "stuck" in a closet in a slumber party, panic erupts among the remaining guests. At day time, the kids are practicing their soccer skills until they noticed a toy store nearby has sticky splats all over it. Characters: Gekko, Catboy, Owlette, Romeo, and Robot, Vehicles: Owl-Glider (mentioned) and Cat-Car. Series Greg says that Amaya can play as Sloppy the K9 Sidekick Dog, but Amaya doesn't want to. Motsuki traps Luna Girl and the PJ Masks on the moon. Characters: Gekko, Owlette, Catboy, PJ Robot, Octobella, and Percival. Characters: The luna-moths, Luna Girl, Motsuki, Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, and PJ Robot, Vehicles: Owl-Glider, HQ Rocketship, and PJ Rovers. Greg wondered if he could win at least one medal to declare him being strong. Categories: Tags: No tags for this post. Characters: Gekko, Catboy, Owlette, the ninjalinos, and Night Ninja. The ability tobe stronger thanwhat is naturally possible. Catboy tries to get Owlette to accept his apology, but Owlette remains adamant that scaring her at the museum was mean, and not funny. At day time, the kids are going to school with their cuddly pets though Connor knows they're too adored already to have those until they noticed that Cameron's sibling is disconcerted that she has a speaking Romeo doll instead of her own cuddly which makes the youngsters questionable. Connor, Greg, and Amaya are preparing for a school race, but the trophy was stolen. 1 Synopsis 2 Episode plot 3 Debuts 3.1 Pokémon 4 Trivia 5 Gallery Psychic energy thought to belong to Mew, has been confirmed in Cero Island in the distant seas. The PJ Masks get the remote control away from Romeo and take the little robot back to their HQ just like Romeo planned. At day time, the kids were exercising their scooter moves until they noticed everyone even the teacher behaving like babies. Armadylan and An Yu each appeared in 10 episodes. Style Guide The Wolfies turn their Wolf Wheelz into Prank Wheelz. Gekko gets mad, but then he finds out that Romeo booby-trapped all the tiles of the museum floor. Greg said that it wasn't his fault, but Cameron doesn't believe him. Catboy is tempted to cheat when he must race to win back his stolen Cat-Car. Luna Girl and Motsuki have appeared in 9 episodes each so far. Characters: Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, Armadylan, PJ Robot, and An Yu. The bird seems to like Owlette as she nuzzles her. By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya are at school waiting to make a "Record-Breaking" Omelette, but the teacher announces that there are no eggs to make it. Romeo does not explain how he got the pajamas, but this indicates that he is aware of their civilian identities and home locations. An Yu tries to train Teeny Weeny to be the Mystery Mountain Guardian assistant. After realizing that Luna Girl and Night Ninja accused each other of their mistakes, the PJ masks come up with a plan to get the sidekicks (Ninjalinos and Luna Girl's moths) reassemble with their masters. The PJ masks and Luna Girl try to stop Romeo, but Owlette and Luna Girl's quarrel only makes the mission harder. By night, it was Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos who has the party supplies to plan his own birthday party. By day, Connor, Greg and Amaya were visiting the museum's science fair room and notices a crane game. Romeo turns Owlette’s Flossy Flash figure into a device that transforms the other PJ Masks into action figure toys! Add a photo to this gallery in PJ Masks (Toon Style) Catboy is Played by Sonic By night, Catboy goes out to search for his friends, and thinks that they are being controlled by Romeo. However, one of Luna Girl's moths found out about Romeo's plan. There were still 6 episodes left over, which were produced, Each episode took over two months to produce, owing to the laborious stop motion process. When the PJ Masks "all shout hooray", Romeo has decided to come back the next night. Characters: Gekko, Catboy (Kitty Catboy), Owlette, PJ Robot, Romeo, and Robot. wiki/May_the_Best_Power_Win - wiki/Wacky_Floats -Occurs behind the scenes- (In between the Moonstruck special and Moonbreaker) wiki/Robot_Pet_Cat . Characters: Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, Night Ninja, and the ninjalinos. Luna and Motsuki drop Luna's magnet in the moat and are silly enough to accept Octobella's help getting it. 24 Super Moon Adventure is a book based on the PJ Masks television series which was published by Simon Spotlight on October 4, 2018. Catboy says that he's a big kid. in Season 5. He's also not interested in following in his father's foot-steps. Amaya gets the soccer ball back when Luna Girl's "Moon-Ball" sucked up the soccer ball. Owlette, Catboy, and Gekko have appeared in 29 episodes each so far. By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were at the museum showing their art projects. At night, Romeo and Robot were stealing all the cuddly dolls and plan to transform them into cuddly Romeo dolls. Ever since Batarina joined the PJ Masks, their adventures have gotten WAY more thrilling! The robots have all the powers of the originals, plus the added ability of firing energy beams out of their eyes. When Owlette imperils a mission and loses her memory as a result, Catboy and Gekko give up on her; the PJ Masks learn that the heart of being a hero is being a good friend. Gekko and Owlette tried to get Catboy to admit that he's clumsy but he won't. Newton thinks Owlette stole a precious asteroid - but she's been framed by Romeo. Characters: Night Ninja, the ninjalinos, Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, Rip, Howler, Kevin, and PJ Robot. PJ Masks Take-Along Adventures! But instead of trying to get the mission done, Gekko tries to go after his rock, and that causes the heroes to struggle to get the mission to a success. Romeo decides to fly the Owl Glider first, and Owlette comes up with a plan to stop him. While trying to stop Luna Girl from taking the museum's telescope, Owlette accidentally breaks the lens of the telescope and she becomes scared to tell Catboy and Gekko and lets Luna Girl take the blame. Characters: Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, PJ Robot, the ninjalinos, Night Ninja, and An Yu. When they get to HQ, Amaya notices that there's a Night Ninja Flag on top of it. Author: administrator on September 29, 2020. The PJ Masks meet Armadylan and think he is a super-hero like them until they find out that he's a villain because of how he intends to save the city and have to work collectively to defeat him before he defeats Night Ninja. Characters: Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, and Luna Girl. Characters: Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, Luna Girl, and the luna-moths. Characters: Gekko, Owlette, Catboy, PJ Robot, Night Ninja, the ninjalinos, and An Yu. Characters: An Yu, Munki-gu, Gekko, Catboy, Owlette, and PJ Robot. PJ is the ghost of a young boy who lives in the residential area of the Corner Store, which he shares with Lefty as well as Max, Zoey, and Mr. Puckett. Baby Shows (except for Caillou,Fresh Beat Band, Fresh Beat Band of Spies, PAW Patrol, Little Charmers, Sunny Day, Doggy Day School, Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues and You, Sofia The First, Thomas And Friends, Rainbow Rangers and Abby Hatcher and PJ Masks), Girl shows (Except My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Abby Hatcher, HiHiPuffyAmiYumi, Sofia The First, and Littlest Pet Shop: A World of … Characters: Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, the luna-moths, Motsuki, Luna Girl, and PJ Robot. But instead of following the plans, the other Catboys have fun, and build a fort to stop Romeo. Amaya heard about the rock in her Kung Fu book that whoever breaks the rock will be awarded with a medal. PKMN (Pokémon español) The Pokémon Wiki. Motsuki and Kevin each appeared in 11 episodes. When they saw that Amaya's Flossy Flash sculpture is broken, that made Amaya really sad, but she will get revenge. An Yu tries to solve an ancient riddle to become a true Mountain Master. Varian learns that Lord Demanitus made a machine that trapped Zhan Tiri in another world and Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, Varian, Lance, Angry, and Red venture to Demanitus' tomb to get the plans. But Owlette makes the mission harder by making everything into a competition. But then, Romeo's Big Box Of Bad is finally complete, and "Romeopolis" is created. But every time Gekko uses his "Super Gekko Sense", it fails. The PJ Masks team up with Night Ninja to stop the Wolfies from destroying Mystery Mountain. Characters: Night Ninja, the ninjalinos, Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, and PJ Robot. Gekko and Owlette tried to get Catboy to give them the spare ticket, but it keeps making the mission harder. Greg tells Connor and Amaya that reading a poem out loud was not easy and embarrassing, and that he doesn't want to read another poem out loud again. Courtesy of Romeo’s invisibility ray, Owlette becomes invisible. Characters: Night Ninja, the ninjalinos, Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, and PJ Robot. The fifth season will premiere in Spring 2021. Gekko and Catboy try to reverse the process but forget to include her in their plans. Now Owlette knows that revenge doesn't solve anything. By night, it was Romeo that was making everyone in the city clumsy with a ray. Characters: Luna Girl, Motsuki, Gekko, Catboy, Owlette, and PJ Robot. Cover art Night Ninja kidnaps the PJ Masks' Teacher. Characters: Owlette, Romeo (disguised as Owlette), PJ Robot (disguised as Robot), Gekko, Catboy, Robot, Night Ninja, the ninjalinos, the luna-moths, and Luna Girl. Connor is similar to another Blue Ranger. To which Catboy says no and that Gekko can stay and guard the ship while PJ robot fixes it. Armadylan loses the PJs' PJ Air Jet to Night Ninja. But unfortunately, her Luna Wand lets her know that the PJ masks are escaping from the fortress. They jump into the Owl-Glider and go to stop Night Ninja who is teaching the Ninjalinos how to make stuff levitate with an ancient Ninja art called "Ninja Fingers" and they start battling Night Ninja and the Ninjalinos, which is right about the time PJ Robot starts messing with the PJ Picture Player and finds a huge crystal statue of an Owl, a Cat, and a lizard. Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko each appeared in all 51 episodes. Catboy is worried about his drum so much that he forgets about Owlette and Gekko.