Since the travel time stretches over 18 hours, you have plenty of time to enjoy it to the fullest. Select your tour Close. But tickets are released 4 times a year a couple of months ahead of the season (for winter the tickets were released 3 months ago) so the cheapest tickets are probably long gone. It’s an economical way to travel throughout Japan’s extensive rail network, considered to be one of the most efficient in the world. A reduced price will be charged for any remaining bunks. In this blog, I will explain everything there is to know about the route from middle Sweden up to the north: The stops, times, and where you can buy cheap tickets. - 16.12. - 30.04. Beste Nordlicht Chancen beim Abisko Nationalpark; Mit Entspannung in der gemütlichen Lodge am Torneträsk ; ab 1.889,-€ pro Person Nr. Dank dem Arctic Circle Train kannst du zwischen Kiruna und Narvik Stopps zum Wandern und Entdecken einlegen. Train tickets are a great way to travel between your chosen point of origin and destination in comfort. Especially in the summer months, when it’s bright all day round, you can perfectly enjoy the beautiful nature from your train window. In this direct night train from Stockholm to Narvik, there is only one kind of sleeper car to be found. Customise what functions you want below. AB EUR 1325. Depending on the exchange rate, a seat in the seated car costs 5€, whereas the couchette costs around 25€. Altogether, the train arrived 90 minutes late at its destination, which personally didn’t bother me at all, since my journey back to Stockholm would be in the same train, and after that I was headed further through Oslo to Bergen. Price p.p. Från 13 december kör vi nattåg från både Göteborg och Stockholm till Umeå. But Stockholm-Abisko is extreme long distance and not part of that promotion.. For more information, read our blog about the Lofoten. AB … Der beste Weg dahin mit dem Nachtzug von Stockholm. Rome2rio ist eine Suchmaschine für Reiseinformationen und Buchungen von Tür zu Tür, die dir dabei hilft, von jedem Standort auf der Welt aus überall hin zu kommen. Choose between ladies or gents compartments. You can also perfectly use this train with fair reservation fees with your Interrail pass. Price p.p. This compared to the hostel or hotel prices in Sweden, it’s almost a bargain. Also, there are fresh towels for your convenience, that you can simply put in the box after using. Breakfast is provided for passengers arriving between 6.30 and 9.00. Close map view. När du byter språk skickas du till den engelska startsidan och din eventuella pågående bokning avbryts. Nachtzug von Stockholm nach Abisko. The city is your starting point for a trip further up north (from here on via bus) and to the Lofoten. from. Buche Zugtickets von Stockholm nach Abisko am besten ein paar Monate im Voraus, um die besten Preise und Angebote wie Sparpreise zu ergattern. I recommend buying some supplies, like drinking water and some snacks. 1st class travel also includes access to SJ Lounge in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, before and after the journey. Where to buy Interrail, Eurail passes and reservations. Purchasing my ticket on really short notice, it cost around 160€ for a berth in the sleeper car. Lassen Sie den Alltagsstress im Nachtzug nach Lappland! Country of residence. The middle bunks are folded down during the day to provide comfortable seating. Eventually, I am having a hot shower and go to sleep. Destinations Iceland Norway Sweden Scotland … Select your country The journey goes on till Riksgränsen, from where we cross the mountain range down to Narvik. Ensure that the site works as you browse it. Please note, that Swedish sleeper trains are currently undergoing modernization, even though I personally think that they are already really good. To finish the Scandinavia-round, you’ll have to take the bus to Fauske/Bodö, where you will have a connection to the Norwegian train network. The beds are comfy and not too soft. For some test we have to use the statistic tool of Yandex. The overnight train stops in Gällivare, with connection to the Inlandsbanan in the mining city of Kiruna, as well as in Abisko, the northern starting point of the long-distance walking trail, Kungsleden. In a cooling shelf, there was a good overview over all different kinds of refreshments, starting with water, over lemonades to beer. Details will follow in a separate blog post. Please read our privacy policy for further details. Provides you with customised offers and marketing in our channels or in the channels of our partners. The compartment has shower/WC equipped with towels and soap. Depending on the season and timetables connecting from the night train from Stockholm, you can catch it just in time to get to Svolvear the same night. Visit our site and book your rail passes or train tickets online today! Nachtzug NT 94 von Stockholm nach Narvik. Ein Bett im Liegewagen gibt es ab 696 SEK (ca. Um Kiruna zu erreichen, gibt es täglich 2 Nachtzüge von Stockholm nach Kiruna. Von Stockholm nach Abisko mit dem Nachtzug und dann zum Eishotel in Jukkasjärvi. Sie werden in einem endlosen schwedischen Wald einschlafen und in den surrealen Landschaften des nördlichen Teils von Schweden aufwachen, die von Unendlichkeit, Leere und einigen einsamen Bergen erfüllt sind. We do not give the data away for any purpose and only use it anonymized to optimize our content for you. Hier findest du sämtliche Verbindungen für deine Reise von Stockholm nach Abisko. Not freshly made to order, but different. The heating can be properly turned on, so that you won’t be cold, even in winter. Luggage can be stored under the seats or in the hallway. The train ride with the night train from Stockholm (Sweden) to Narvik (Norway), is said to be one of the most impressive trips in all of Europe. Also with an Interrail pass, the train is easy to travel with. You will find the region’s landmark at level of Abisko. Thank you so much for reading this travel report. Provides us with anonymous statistics so we can make improvements. There is a hand basin and a 230V electrical outlet (for shavers etc.) Long distance trains in Sweden start at 195 SEK which would be in the range of €20. Narvik itself is pretty small. You have an unpaid order in progress. Im Nachtzug … Ever since, I keep taking it over and over again, because it is super convenient, if you are traveling around Scandinavia by train – either with an Interrail pass, or with an ordinary ticket. Zug. Kombination aus berühmtem Eishotel in Jukkasjärvi und Treehotel in Harads. Schweden Eishotel & Treehotel. You can also book a seat in a 2 Class carriage. Even on my first Interrail trip over 20 years ago, it was my dream to ride along this route. With contributions like this, we can finance free content, like the one you are reading right this second. Going to Europe? There is nothing wrong with the cozy seats, if you’re looking to save some money. The couchette can hold up to six people, whereas the seated car is an open spaced compartment, with lots of space for luggage and stretching out. The sleeping coach holds a maximum of 3 people per compartment, but I recommend traveling with a maximum of two, because it can get pretty cozy. Rome2rio displays up to date schedules, route maps, journey times and estimated fares from relevant transport operators, ensuring … in the compartment, and two WCs and a shower are located in the corridor. The compartment has three ready-made beds, each with a pillow, pillowcase, bottom sheet, duvet cover, duvet/blanket and towel. In the sleeper you will find a key card for your compartment, which enables you to leave for the dining car without worrying about your luggage – although, I always keep my valuables with me in a small backpack. Due to the Covid-19 infection situation in Europe and the associated travel restrictions, Nightjet traffic on the lines between Germany and Austria, Germany and Italy and between Germany and Switzerland will be suspended until December 8, 2020 (changes are possible at any time). It takes 18 hours to get through the incredible nature of middle Sweden, up to the north of Lappland and across the mountains to Norway. Från den 13 december 2020 är det tågbolaget Vy Tåg som kör och ansvarar för nattågsresor till övre Norrland. During daylight hours, we head towards Gällivare, where you can catch a connecting train to the route of the Inlandsbanan – equally recommended for train-lovers. Our main aim is to protect your privacy. Restrictions in the traffic of ÖBB Nightjet trains between Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Here you can also find a hostel, if you feel like staying for a few days – highly recommended! Please choose whether you want to cancel your log out and return to your order or proceed with your log out. The SJ is currently in the process of modernizing their sleeper fleet, so stay tuned. Hin- und Rücktransfer zwischen dem … 6 days / 5 nights Dec - Mar Northern Lights Over Abisko National Park. Luckily, all services are available seven days a week, so whether you want fast, cheap, … With frequent and speedy connections, there are often departures every hour or half hour on popular routes, making it an ideal way to get around with any itinerary. 1 Stockholm (Sweden) - Kiruna (Sweden) 1a Travelling from Stockholm (Sweden) to Kiruna (Sweden) To travel in Sweden by train, please buy your ticket via one of the following booking links. Diese Route umfasst 12-Haltestellen von Kiruna nach Narvik oder umgekehrt. Buying your ticket via ACPRail, you are supporting, with the price staying the same for you. You can find the exact timetable of the direct night train here:Stockholm – NarvikNarvik – StockholmAs well, as on SJs and ACPRails website. Fahrplaninformation, Sitz-, Liege- und Schlafwagen. WCs and stowage areas in the corridor. The central station holds two supermarkets, where you can shop for a normal price. In addition, … 1861 EUR. First, being Abisko Östra – and second, the Abisko Touriststation, where the Kungsleden starts from. SJ night trains travel direct to Sweden’s major cities such as Gothenburg, Östersund, Luleå, Stockholm and Malmö. En route, these attractions are of special interest: Abisko National Park, Björkliden ski resort and Riksgränsen mountain range, popularly explored by snowmobile, dog sled or helicopter. You will find more information about the night train and the exact Interrail reservation prices for the route between Stockholm and Narvik and Narvik to Stockholm here. After departure, I am having a peek into the dining car, before I’m heading towards dawn in my couchette. You can also book a seat in a 2nd Class carriage. Vi är återförsäljare av deras biljetter så du kommer även i fortsättningen kunna köpa din nattågsbiljett till (bl a) Boden, Luleå, … There is a small folding table, a reading light, radio for headphones, and a power socket for each passenger. Choose between a bunk in a couchette, sleeping compartment 2 Class or treat yourself to a sleeping compartment 1 Class. The former train station has already been closed and replaced by a temporary one. For statistics we use Matomo with IP anonymization. Kiruna - Stockholm / Stockholm - Abisko / Stockholm - Gällivare / Stockholm - Helsingborg / Stockholm - Lund / Stockholm - Malm ö / Stockholm - Uppsala / Gothenburg - Luleå / Gothenburg - Malmö. Join the big forum and get help … Für eine Reisezeit von 18:30 h ein sehr attraktives Angebot! Attractive savings on the tickets can be found on the websites of ACPRail and the SJ. Ich hatte ein Bett im 6-ser Abteil gebucht und unglaublich interessante Menschen kennen gelernt. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. Auch hier saßen wir zwischenzeitlich über zwei Stunden auf der Strecke fest, während sich unsere Umstiegszeit in den Nachtzug von Stockholm nach Abisko laut Plan auf spärliche 15 Minuten belief. The sleeping coach holds a maximum of 3 people per compartment, but I recommend traveling with a maximum of two, because it can get pretty cozy. Der Nachtzug von Narvik nach Stockholm ist ab 425 SEK (ca. You can only access via key card, that you’ll find in every sleeper. Der Nachtzug hat Stopps in Gällivare mit Anschluss an die Strecke der Inlandsbanan, in der Bergbaustadt Kiruna, sowie in Abisko, dem nördlichen Startort des Fernwanderweges Kungsleden. Thus, I just went over for a quick visit. Travel individually by train. I myself haven’t gotten around to pay the mine a visit, but I would be happy hearing your information and experiences, if you’ve been there already. Ich hab schon meine erste "Geschäftsreise" innerhalb von Schweden hinter mir: Abisko. 1889 € 900 € Anfrage Reisepreis - Leistungen Reisebeschreibung Hotels Aktivitäten & Ausflüge Im Reisepreis enthalten: - Zugreise von … To reach Kiruna, there are 2 night trains daily from Stockholm to Kiruna. Zur Zugreise von Stockholm nach Abisko, lese die folgenden Informationen. You can purchase your Interrail reservations directly via ACPRail or the SJ. Traveling from Stockholm to Kiruna is easy, with trains, planes, and buses all available to help you cover the 770 mile distance between the two cities. The night train from Stockholm to Narvik via Kiruna, Gällivare, Abisko and Björkliden is one of the most scenic rail routes in Europe. By clicking "Accept cookies“, you agree to us using data for these purposes. Having a shower here, is very relaxing. During my trip, I had booked a sleeping compartment for myself. The restaurant car offers everything you need for the trip, and the prices are fair. In order to use the SJ website, you need to allow javascript in your browser. Around 40 minutes prior departure, the night train was ready, which made the boarding process pretty relaxed. Find scenic routes, hidden gems and read about fantastic train trips in the railcc blog. Passengers travelling on trains with an open bistro may remain on the train while breakfast is served. The border control is efficient and relaxed and the travel continues over the mountains toward Narvik, the final stop of my trip. The compartment has two beds.